Pet Styles by Jennifer is a State Of The Art grooming salon.

We have a clean, quiet, relaxed atmosphere that makes your pet feel at home.

We are furnished with the best equipment that will keep your pet safe and comfortable.

Equipment that will enable our stylists to care for your pet with ease.

We have electric grooming tables that lower to the floor

so that bigger, heavier dogs can step right on.


We also use what is called the "Groomers Helper".

This system, keeps our grooming loops from putting any pressure on your pets trachea.

Our Groomers Helper also has a support system to help with older pets that have trouble standing.


Our pet-rest areas are safe, comfortable and quiet. Your pet will have a comfy towel to rest on.

We also offer your pet spring water to drink during their stay.

Upon the your approval, your pet can also have a treat while they visit.


We use a unique hydro-massage bather that enables the shampoo & conditioner to easily penetrate through the hair and down to the skin to flush away dirt,

debris, loose hair, dead skin and/or dander for the healthiest skin possible.

Your pet will love the massage like invigorating sensation.


We use only the highest quality shampoos, conditioners, and other grooming products.

You may also request a particular shampoo product, such as Oatmeal Shampoo,

Hypo-Allergenic Shampoo, or any other product we offer that your pet may require.


Our scheduling varies quite differently from other salons.

We do NOT require all pets to arrive in the morning.

We schedule pets throughout the day, which enables us to keep

your pet a minimal amount of time.

Most pets stay a minimum of 2 hours, and maximum of 4 hours.

We consider ourselves a 'low volume' grooming salon.

What does that mean? It means we only groom the amount of pets per day

that we can complete without any undue stress to your pet or or your stylists.


We give each & every pet our individual attention, expert care

and lots of hugs & kisses throughout their stay!


We LOVE what we do, and we LOVE your pet!!