Why Choose Pet Styles by Jennifer?

1. We cater to your pets, and give them personal attention while they are in our care.


2. We do NOT require your pet to stay all day. We keep them a minimal amount of time.


3. Our salon is quiet, calm and very clean.


4. We use ONLY the best, highest quality shampoos, conditioners & styling products.


5. Our equipment is state of the art, geared toward the comfort & safety of your pet.


6. We regularly disinfect cages, tables and equipment throughout the day.


7. We will always treat your pet with kindness, respect & love.


8. We keep your pets safe & comfortable during their stay.

All pets have a thick comfy towel to lay on when spending time in their own personal, safe, space.


9. We honor MANY special requests to best accommodate both you and your pet.


10. We schedule the amount of dogs per day that we can comfortably care for,

in order to keep the environment as stress free for your pet, for us and for you.



If you are looking for the quality care, expert styling, a clean,

safe environment and a groomer that truly loves what they do,

You have found the right place :o)