Grooming FAQ

(frequently asked questions)


1. Does my pet have to stay all day?


No your pet does NOT have to stay all day at the salon.

Although if your schedule requires, we can keep your pet all day for an extra fee.

We do take them for 'potty breaks' and can offer them water & treats if you desire

7. Should I brush my pet at home?


Yes you should brush your pets at home.

From the shortest coated breeds to the longest,

they all benefit from a thorough brushing to stimulate the production of oils in their skin and coat, remove dirt, tangles, undercoat and burrs.

It can also be a bonding experience for both you and your pet.

Ask your groomer which brushes & combs would best suit your pets coat type.

2. Why is my pet put in a cage?


Your pet is safest in a cage.  We feel it is best for the safety,

health & well being of your pet.

Your pet will NOT be exposed to parasites (fleas, ticks etc), aggressive pets,

or other pet's urine and feces when they are kept in their own safe, clean space.

8. How frequently can my pet be bathed safely?


Your pet can be bathed as frequently as needed as long as the shampoo is of the highest quality and thoroughly rinsed.

Many pets visit us weekly for a bath & brush out to keep them looking and feeling their best

3. Do you disinfect the salon?


Yes, we regularly disinfect our tables, tubs, cages & equipment.

No pet is put in a cage that is NOT disinfected first.

Our disinfectant is made for pet salons & veterinarians and is very safe.

You will find we have the cleanest, most sanitary salon in the area.

9. Why is my pets grooming session taking longer than expected?


Sometimes the unexpected can occur.

A fur coat that is more tangled than we originally thought, or a pet that needs a little more TLC to get through the grooming process safely and happily.

An over abundance of phone calls, or drop by clients. (Remember if we agree to call you when your pet is finished, we promise we will call promptly!!)

All of these things & more can cause your pet's grooming session to take longer.

Please be patient with us, we always do our very best to accommodate our clients and especially their pets.

4. Why is my pet tired when he returns home after his groomer?


You're pet likely rests or sleeps all day while you are out at work or running errands.

While at the grooming salon, they spent much of their time awake either being groomed or watching us and other pets in the grooming process.

This alone can be tiresome for some dogs.  Just the change in routine, and missing those daytime naps can be tiring.

Standing on a grooming table, for some older pets can be tiring also.

It is completely normal for a pet to take some extra snooze time after a trip to the grooming salon.

Not to worry! They will wake up refreshed and ready to play, feeling great with their new hairstyle!

10. Can I stay and watch my pet being groomed?


No. We do not recommend you staying with your pet while it's being groomed.

Your pet needs to bond with us and feel comfortable being left with us.

In order to accomplish this, we need the time alone with your pet to bond, train and love on them!

If you are present, your pet will want nothing more than to escape from us, and run to you!

5. Is your shampoo mild? Does it wash off spot on treatments?


We use only the highest quality of shampoo on your pet.

Our shampoos are detergent free and will not wash off spot on treatments, such as advantage & frontline.

We also have completely hypo-allergenic shampoo available that is fragrance & dye free for those pets with extremely sensitive skin.

11. How do you prevent flea infestation in the salon?


All pets known to have fleas are brought right to the bathtub for a flea bath.

Our flea shampoo kills fleas instantly and naturally.

We spray the area with a safe flea spray.  We set off a flea fogger every weekend, and have a

pest control company spray bi-monthly.

6. Can my dog be cut or injured during its groom?


Please always remember we are working with living beings, that move, wriggle and wiggle.

While pet groomers do EVERYTHING possible to prevent any type of accident or injury, there can be a rare occasion when a pet moves suddenly, injuring itself.

All precautions are taken, when your pet is with us.  We have created an extremely safe environment for your pet.

All pets are within eyes view of us at all times.

Which is why we do have an open concept salon, with no barriers between your pets and our groomers.

12. Can I just pop in to check on my pet or arrive early for pick up?


No. Stopping by while we are concentrating on trimming your pet and your pet is concentrating very hard on staying still for us can be a disaster!

Your pet sees, hears or smells you come in and suddenly moves, jerks his head or starts some intense wiggling!

This could prove to be disastrous! Ranging anywhere from an OOPS in the haircut, to an injury.

We still have to finish your pets groom, while he's wriggling & wiggling, which will take more time and can be dangerous.