All Grooming Packages Include:

Skin, Coat & Shampoo Evaluation - Thorough Brushing - Nail & Ear Care - Hydro-bath - Fluff Dry 


*prices based on regularly groomed pets (Every 4 weeks or less) in good condition.

Matted pets, pets with fleas and pets with behavioral issues will be charged additional fees.

*Prices adjusted to 2015 Schedule

** Currently we are no longer accepting new "Giant Breeds" for grooming without consultation.

 Any breed over 60lbs may be taken upon the groomers approval.

An Ultimate Style

Suitable for all stylized breeds & mixed breeds.



Full Haircut/Style


Tiny Breeds under 12lbs $48

Small Breeds 13-20lbs $48 - $50

Medium Breeds 21-40lbs  $55+

Large Breeds 41-60lbs $65-$90

Large Breeds 61lbs - 80lbs $75 - $100

Giant Breeds over 80lbs $100 & up

Keep Me Neat!

Suitable for short or drop coat breeds* , double coated breeds, 

and bi-weekly maintenance


Paw Trim - Sanitary Trim - Face Trim


Small Breeds under 15lbs $40 - $48*

Medium Breeds 26-35lbs  $45 - $55*

Large Breeds 36-55lbs  $50- $85*

Large Breeds 56lbs - 80lbs $55 & up

Giant Breeds over 80lbs $65 & up


Bath & Bubbles

Suitable for smooth coated breeds or weekly maintenance on short haircuts



Paw Trim


Tiny Breeds under 12lbs $25

Small Breeds 13-15lbs $30

Medium Breeds 16-35lbs $35

Large Breeds 36-55lbs $40-$45

Large Breeds 56lbs - 75lbs $45 & up

Giant Breeds over 80lbs $65 & up

*Bichon Frise  $50 - $55

*Toy & Mini Poodles $48 - $55

*Standard Poodles  $95 - $150

Chow Chow, Siberian Husky, Akita, Malamute $85

Newfoundland & Saint Bernards $150 - $250

Golden Retrievers $65-$75

Pamper Your Pooch Add A Spa Upgrade Today!

For  the most wonderfully spoiled!

Add any of these to your Pet's Spa Time

The Ultimate Spa Add-On +$20

refreshing, purifying body cleanser


Includes: Fresh Bath

Fresh Facial Scrub

Paw Treatment

Nourish Vitamin Conditioner

Fresh Aroma Therapy Treatment

Renew Spa Add-On +$11

deep moisture, revitalized brilliance


Includes: Renew Bath

Fresh Facial Scrub

Nourish Vitamin Conditioner

Renew Aroma Therapy Treatment

Comfort Spa Add-On +$7

soothes dry irritated skin


Includes: Comfort Bath

Nourish Vitamin Conditioner

Comfort Aroma Therapy Treatment

Additional Add-On Services Include:


Freshen Bad Breath in 30 Seconds! Oral Cleaning


De-Shedding Treatment +$15

Extra Conditioning & up to 20 minutes of hair removal


Tooth Care +$5

Brushing & Oxyfresh Oral Gel Treatment


Walk-In Nail Care +$12

Nails Trimmed & Rough Edges Filed or Dremeled


Nail Polish $5 with groom


All Pets with Fleas receive an all natural Flea Bath

at the owners expense of $10


De-Matting +$45 per hour (minimum +$5)


Any Groom Neglected Pets may start

at double our basic fees


Behaviorally Challenged pets may incur an

additional fee of +$5-$20