Updated on Monday June 14, 2021 


New Salon Covid-19 Policies

Our lobby is now open. Please come to the door and ring the bell. We will be with your shortly.

Please wear face covering to enter the salon. We would appreciate quick drop off & pick up since the pups have gotten used to less distractions.

You ONLY have to fill out the New Client for if this is your FIRST visit with us.

These forms are mandatory. Thank you :)

If you'd rather not enter we are happy to take your pet from outside.

Payment can be cash (exact change) check or card. ALL cards will be taken via an invoice sent to your email.

Please do not ask us to take your card in the salon or over the phone :) We now have the ability to charge your card on file if you choose.

Please verify your email address with us on drop off if you're paying with a card.

We will wear a mask for you, please wear a mask for us :)

Please do not let your dog off leash outside! Please secure your dog on your leash then WE will remove our slip lead.

All the dogs safety is top priority.



We now have new pricing. We've broken down our pricing to be more accurate
for both the client and the stylists.

We also now have a scale in the salon to weigh pets for better accuracy.




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