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Introducing PlaqClnz Pet Oral Health Care

Only $20

per Treatment!

with any Spa Service

This is not meant to replace your visits to your veterinarian, but as pet Groomers we do see your pet more often than your personal vet.


A Pet Oral Health Exam alerts you of potential problems

Now available at the Pet Styles by Jennifer is the PlaqClnz oral dental system.
Your petís teeth and gums are sprayed with a zinc amino acid complex,

which is proven to be effective in tartar prevention and plaque build up.

After the application, the pet has a water pick treatment,

which gently breaks up the plaque.

You will receive a full report on your petís mouth

for you to keep or to take to your vet.


According to the American Veterinary Dental Society (AVDS) an overwhelming 80% of dogs show signs of oral disease by the age of three. Bad breath is usually one of the early warnings of disease, signaling the onset of gingivitis. Left unchecked and untreated these often lead

to more severe periodontal disease.

A PlaqClnz gel can be used at home daily. It is easily applied, no brushing required; it is taste-free and readily accepted by your pet.


PlaqClnz products are from Smarthealth, a company with a 35-year history of providing quality products for human and pet health professionals worldwide. 
To learn more about Plaqclnz oral health program call or email