Pet Styles by Jennifer



NO SHOW Cancellation Policy

Any cancellation less than 24 hours will be subject to a $15.00  NO SHOW Fee.

There will only be one last minute cancellation or no show allowed before you will be subject to a fee.

PLEASE realize that if you do not show up for your scheduled appointment, we lose income. We cannot fill a missed appointment with little or no notice.

There are times when we have clients waiting for appointments that we cannot give them if we are expecting your pet for their appointment.

Please be considerate of our time and let us know at least 24 hours in advance if you cannot make your pet's appointment.

You can call us at the salon, or email me at petstylesbyjennifer AT (change the AT to @)

Any NEW CLIENT that NO SHOWS without any notice will be required to pay for their pet's next appointment in advance before we reschedule them again.


Scheduling - Arrival Times & Pick-up

We do not require pets to stay all day. We schedule pets throughout the day so that we can keep them only a minimal of time. Most pets are with us from 2-4 hours.

We do offer express grooming times, at an additional fee. These must be scheduled in advance and be the first appointment of the day at 8am or 9am.

Please do your best to arrive on time for your appointment. If you  are running late, please give us a call. **We will ONLY hold appointments for 15 minutes before we call someone on our waiting list. Please be SURE to call us if you are running late, so that we hold your appointment for you.

We may have to reschedule, or re-work our day to accommodate your pet when you are late.

If you require your pet to stay all day, we do offer them a walk in a NON- fenced area outside building at mid-day.

There may be an additional fee for dogs that must stay all day with us.


Please let us give you a call when your pet is ready. This avoids you coming early and getting your pet excited.

Remember your dog recognizes you with their nose!!! They do not have to see or hear you to know you have arrived.

When we are still working with your pet and you arrive early, your pet will get very excited and jumpy.

Most pets we groom are little angels! Staying still and behaving wonderfully.

BUT when you arrive, in their mind, it's time to go home!

They're not concerned if there are a few more hairs to trim!

Imagine sitting at your hair salon while getting a style and waving your head in all directions!

Would you be safe and have a perfect trim?

We want to keep your pet safe and do our very best styling. *Please call us rather than arrive early for your pet.

We welcome phone calls anytime if you want to find out your pets progress.


We highly recommend you pre-book your pets next appointment.

This will enable your pet to always look & feel their best!

We are happy to schedule all of your appointments in advance.

*Remember during holidays we will be filling our schedule up quickly!

If you supply us with an email address, you will receive a reminder email

a few days prior to your pets appointment.


Client No Shows

Please give at least 24 -48 hour (or more if possible) notice if you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment.

After 3 no show appointments, we reserve the right to refuse future service or require payment in advance.

Please understand that we have a tight schedule, and other clients waiting for appointments.

If someone doesn't show unexpectedly, the time we reserved (and income) will be gone and not recovered. 

**There will be a $15 NO SHOW FEE charged for any subsequent no shows after the first time.



We accept Mastercard, Visa, Debit Cards, Discover, Amercian Express, Checks and Cash. We do prefer checks or cash. Credit cards come with high fees for us.

We do require payment upon pickup. Unfortunately at this time, we cannot extend credit to any of our clients.

If you need an estimate of fees for your pet in advance, please request this upon arrival.

Our Groomers appreciate gratuities in cash. (not included in check or credit card)

There is a $25 returned check fee


Your Pet's Style

When you arrive with your pet, we will spend a few moments with you inquiring how you would like your pet styled.

If you have any special requests, please let us know at this time.

Please look over your pet upon pickup. Let us know if there are any changes you would prefer on future appointments. We will make note of those requested changes.

If you have ANY questions about the care or grooming we have given your pet, please let us know within 24 hours of your pets grooming.  If you let us know within 24 hours we will be happy to go over your pet's trim to meet your satisfaction.  Anything beyond 24 hours we will make note of any changes you would like made, for future groomings.



If your pet coat is matted or tangled, there will be an additional fee added to your groom price.

We do not de-mat pets in severe condition. This can be harmful to your pets skin & coat.

Many pets learn to NOT like visiting the groomer when they are constantly having severe matting brushed out.

While some pets are very tolerant of excessive brushing, some are not tolerant at all.

We do not want to put any undue stress on your pet. Please do not ask us to do so.

We love your pet and want what is best for them.

We may determine that it is best to clip off your pets coat, and start fresh with regular grooming appointments.

Rather than giving them a unhappy experience with us, please let us use our discretion when making

the decision on whether to de-mat their coat or start fresh. We really do know what is best for your pet.

And remember Hair Grows!!


Taking Your Dogs to Potty Before Their Appointment

Please be respectful of our neighbors. When walking your pet,

please use the grassy area near the dumpsters.

Please ALWAYS use a leash and ALWAYS pick up after your pet!

Do not let your pet relieve themselves on the door, building or walkway in front of the storefronts!

We are happy to supply pickup bags.  If you need help with clean up,

please let us know, we are happy to help.