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"Morgan" this beautiful Yellow Lab

went to the bridge on May 12, 2005

She was 8 years old. 

Morgan suffered an untimely death and is dearly missed by her family.



*Rusty* the  Toy Poodle

went to the bridge in April of 2003

 he was 19 years old.

"He was such a sweet little guy,

He always came in with a big fluffy blanket to rest on.

He is sadly missed.



"Tara" a pretty little Poodle

went to the bridge on 2/27, 2007

We was a sweet girl, always pretty with her matching bows & nail polish.

I'll miss her.


photo courtesy of Laura Allen Studios


Abby was such a sweet, pretty girl.

Her family misses her so much!

Abby passed on 6/22/07

You can see her lovely tribute from her family 


I'll miss Abby.