Meet Our Staff...


Professional Pet Stylist ~ Owner

Jennifer has been grooming pets for over 35 years.
Pampering pups in Dunedin for over 15 years.
Graduating in 1980 from Pedigree Professional Grooming School.
You will often see her around Dunedin with her own pampered standard poodle Whisper.
Whisper in the Wind BN, CD, RE, ACT 2, CGCA, CGCU, TKN, TKI, TKA, THDN, THD
Jennifer is fur-Mom to many pampered pooches including, Chinesse Crested Powderpuffs, Chihuahuas, a Mini Poodle
and Standard Poodles.
Grooming in the salon Tuesday - Saturday


Professional Pet Stylist



Michelle is a Certified Master Groomer, grooming for over 30 years.

I welcomed Michelle to my staff January 2011.

All these beautiful pooches you see Michelle with are now Angels waiting at Rainbow Bridge.

Michelle is now a fur-Mom to 3 pampered pooches and a cat.

Her current dogs excel in Agility & Obedience.

She  grooms at the salon Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday & Saturday.


Professional Pet Stylist




Dylan definately takes after me (his Mom)

Dylan has been grooming over 4 years. Dylan graduated from

Merryfield School of Pet Grooming in Ft. Lauderdale.

He is also Certified in Non Sporting Breeds with the NDGAA

He currently grooms at the salon Wednesday, Thursday & Friday

Visit his Facebook Page Dog Grooming By Dylan



Part Time Reception Assistant


Cody & Brandy


Cody helps our furry clients get checked in and checked out.

Cody is a big help getting us through our day smoothly.



Natasha has been grooming over 7 years. She was bathing dogs at a local grooming salon as a young teen.
She excels in training her dogs in Obedience & Tricks.
She has a fur-family of 4 great dogs and 2 cats.
Natasha grooms at the salon Tuesday - Saturday. She grooms both large and small breeds.